Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Royal Caribbean Cruises

While working with Mr Ashley Cameron in London, We shot for Royal Caribbean Cruises.
We hadn't even planned on doing this, we were in his studio door no less than 5 minutes and we had been asked to do the shot. This shows that London is as they say 'The land of opportunity'

Ashley Cameron

I worked with Ashley on a trip to London in February.
We decided to do something a little different to what we both usually do and the results were fab!
Ashley was great fun to work with and we both got some great new shots for out portpholio.
I hope to work with Ashley again some time in the near future.
Thanks Ash xx


Had a shoot with Allen Bell at his studio back in February.
We only had a short hour to shoot but we managed to produce some really beautiful shots in that time.
Allen made me feel very comfortable and he had lots of beautiful vintage corsets and lingerie to work with,
I love how much time and work Allen puts into editing his work and the beauty he brings out in everyone he photographs. I was overjoyed with my photos from the shoot and I hope to come to work with Allen again in the very near future.
Truly exceptional photographer recommended to anyone after some beautiful professional glamourous shots.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

David Kane

Below is a piece from Mr David Kanes website. Thank You David.

Nicole 2010

I ran a series of casual glamour shoots at the end of 2010. Fully inspired by the ultra cool and trendy Front Magazine. I love their modern style of shooting and lighting so I wanted to try and re-create that feel. I put the feelers out hoping to get 1 or 2 girls interested and I got LOADS! Some of them I was actually quite shocked by too.

Nicole was one of the more experienced models that took part in my series and I was surprised and delighted that she fancied it. She told me how much she loved Front Magazine and wanted to be in it so this shoot was perfect for her. Some models blow you away right from the start with their presence and Nicole was one of those models. She was so confident and comfortable, bursting with ideas and imagination. Not to mention cheeky and full of giggles! The shoot flew by and the images were fantastic! I also suggested trying the bathroom out as I had never shot in there and I am so glad we did! She looks amazing and I am over the moon with the images. She even jumped into the shower at the end of the shoot because I was telling her for my love of sheer clothing! We got on really well and we are already planning some new shoots in 2011 that will be amazing so be sure to check back then.

I have since decided that Nicole was my favourite model of 2010 (Sorry girls!) and guess who I saw in Front Magazine in the edition after this shoot, on a page all to herself? That’s right, Nicole! The edition after even featured another Glasgow girl so it seems as though she has made Front Magazine like the Scots finally.

Model and MUA: Nicole – 2010 © David Kane