Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it!

Well I have been so busy recently that I have barely had any time to eat or sleep!
After wakening up yesterday morning to discover I have lost almost HALF A STONE in weight, I was feeling extremely miserable!

But anyway I plodded on and showed up to my shoot with the AMAZING Sian Lidgate, Abi Leeland and the one and only Derrick Argent. This was the first time I was to work with Sian and I was beyond excited, her work is truly Awesome!

When I got there Abi and Sian were all set up and raring to go, their enthusiasm perked me up and we got to work, they did a time lapse of the make up and hair being done so that will be awesome to see once its uploaded!

Sian you are one SUPER TALENTED individual!!!
We finished in record time and from what I could see on the back of the camera the shots looked TRES COOL! I cannot wait to see them! Derrick Argent - EXPECT some pestering :P

THANK YOU to you all for cheering me up and making me beautiful!
I cannot wait to work with you guys again.

Here is a shot or two from behind the scenes.


After this shoot I ran home, washed my hair and headed off to shoot for the wonderful Pokey Hat with Miss Jennifer Welford.

Jen is the most fun and stylish little lady, and frankly I love her to bits! Her team is amazing and we always have such a laugh about the silliest things at our photoshoots, thanks to our lovely hairstylist Paul with his collection of hilarious pics and videos and naughty Dappys!! LOL.

Jennifer is doing incredibly well for the Pokey Hat and its just getting bigger and better all the time, She works her little socks off and never complains. Personally, Jennifer I think you should just become my very own stylist :P

Here is a couple of previews...

I LOVE this Reverse American Shirt and Traingle Stud Kimono available to buy at www.thepokeyhat.com

Photography by Brian Hayes
Make-Up by Ashley Thomson
Hair by Paul Doyle

More to come.........

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